Our User Experience Design Process

1. User Research

We find and identify end user goals and objectives

User Interviews

User Interviews:

We interview you and your team in group and isolation. We interview different existing customers and target users to understand their pain points, providing incentive. We ask the right questions and collect our data in an unbiased manner.



After gathering enough user data required to process and analyze, we uncover patterns and similarities. The output is affinity diagrams, user personas and scenario documents, which we review internally as a team and present our findings to you. This gives us exact direction to bootstrap the design.

2. Design



We sketch basic flows of application using balsamiq prototyping tool. With some informal testing we present our approach to you, incorporate needed corrections and begin the high-fidelity design.



We create static interactive prototypes using very high-end prototyping tools like inVision or Zeplin for testing purposes. These prototypes are interactive and very closely resembles to what the finished product will look like.

3. User Testing

User Testing

We invite few end users of your product to our environment, sit with them and ask them to complete certain predefined tasks. We record these tests and review them all later, making note of similarities and patterns to present our findings to you for recommended changes.