Rajgad (Royal Fort) Trek! Back


Trekking is a event of fun, adventure and team building.
On 30th January (Saturday) team of Techprimelab started towards Rajgad fort via Pabe Ghat. Rajgad aka Royal Fort is one of the fort in Pune District. The fort is 1318 meters above sea level.
Our trek started at 8.15 AM from village “Gunjavne”. Within One & Half hours we reached on Padmavati Machee – Rajgad fort via “Chor Darwaja”. After taking a rest for a short while, we decided to conquer “Bale Killa” which is a place built for security reason during emergencies. It was experience of real adventure to climb. It is very stiff and more or less straight in nature.
It was a memorable day for all of us. It gives sense of achievement and makes everyone stress free…