We are User Experience experts
We regard our work of User Experience as our best bet to make our clients win in their business

Our vision is to build technology solutions that are designed based on User Research and which are futuristic. We build solutions for enterprises, product and startup companies with technology, thrust, transparency and trust. Techprimelab provides technology consulting, end to end solution design, development and ongoing support to transform your idea into a successful business story.

What We Stand For

User Experience Expert

We build solutions for products and services that are highly intuitive, fast, usable & easy for both mobile & web. We deliver user experience services with user research, analysis, UI design & user testing.

High-end Solutions Architect

We deliver high performance, stable architecture, speed, safety, security, scalability and sense of satisfaction. Our high-end architectural services play a vital role in achieving enhanced user experience.

Digital Transformation Consultant

We do technology consulting to help you digitally transform your business process leading to effective product outcomes. We do business process automation and technology enablement for your business.

Technology Consultant & Partner

As a technology partner, we join hands with you to help you achieve your business goals by incorporating applicable aspects of our technology. We offer technology consulting and ongoing technology support.

Who we are

Who we are?

Techprimelab Software Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune based fast growing software technology company founded in early 2014. Techprimelab is emerging as one of the best user experience (UI/UX) and digital transformation companies in India. We are a best bet IT services company as a technology solution provider and technology partner for product development companies, enterprises, businesses and startups having creative ideas.

We are customer experience experts. Our vision is to develop futuristic technology solutions and services with technology, thrust, transparency and trust. Techprimelab provides technology consulting, end to end solution design, development and ongoing support to transform ideas into successful business stories.

The company hosts both technologically talented and creative team of agile IT workforce. Our rich and dedicated techno-managerial team of experts build lean systems with continual agile development methodologies. With more than 4 years of establishment, Techprimelab is a ready to fly enterprise company with expected revenue growth of more than 300% and 100% growth in capacity.

What we do

What we do?

We deliver world class IT solutions and services for the Technologies of CX - Customer Experience, UI/UX - User Interface / User Experience, Digital Transformation, Business Process Automation, IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Image & Voice Recognition, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Information Architecture, Performance Management, Cloud Deployment and High-end Architectural Services.

We operate and serve in the industries of Information Technology, Manufacturing, Health Care, Finance, Education, Travel and Hospitality, Automobile, Real Estate and eCommerce.

We serve our IT clients with cutting edge technologies with our in-house agile team offering swift delivery rates. We provide our clients with the best of the services to make them successful in achieving their business goals.

We deliver best quality, cost effective and result oriented projects to our clients. Our products are delivered by our open minded creative experts who leverage design thinking and innovative development to the best of their capabilities.

How we do

How we do?

We deliver 4 IT integrated services namely, Technology Consulting, Business Process Automation, Technology Enablement and Technology Partnership. We create systems that challenge the competitors of our clients and allow our clients to operate swiftly, smartly and strategically in order to stay ahead in their competitive business world.

We provide our services at their fingertips within the need of their time, supply and demand. We give the right edge to their businesses with top notch technologies that boost their business operations, administration and management with minimal intervention.

We capitalize consumer behaviour and client expectations to build effective software solutions and web systems. We keep our continuous attention on current technology trends, ongoing industry standards and ever-changing market movements to create fail-safe and intelligent solutions.

We utilize our developers, designers and architects to create global products and services to match and serve the merit of industry benchmarks and standards.



We groom the best of our people and leverage the best of technologies to build web systems.

We invest in the greatest of skill-sets and leverage the most of resources.

We harness future-driven web technologies to automate workflows of online businesses and services.

We create end-to-end web solutions that are super speedy, reliable and safeguarded for complex, time-consuming and effort-taking business operations.

We create web systems that can predict the future of problems, challenges and issues of businesses.

We resolve problems prior to their occurrence in systems which reduces defects and errors to provide top class quality in the results.

The precision and perfection that we bring in our technology developments is our unique selling proposition that promises durable and lasting products.

How we do

Our Success Mantra

Our customer centric vision allows us to create products that solve the real life problems of our customers and keep them happy and satisfied.

Our product centric innovation drives technology efforts in the direction of the requirements and gives us modern approaches to solve different and difficult problems.

Our strong leadership team guides and helps us to deliver results with pace. The wide spread experience of our leadership team gives us confidence in creating value added services.

Our collaborative teamwork ensures that we keep the promises we make and deliver our responsibilities with our collective team efforts.

The work ethics we follow enables us to work in a flexible and adaptive way to make sure we meet the timelines and deadlines of our projects and keep them in the best shape possible.

We have the inspiration and motivation to learn and develop new technologies.

Our Processes

How we design

How we design?

Our design process starts with conducting user research involving user interviews, questioning and analysis. We do wireframing, invision mockups and prototyping in design and also perform user testing on designs.

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How we develop

How we develop?

Our development process is customer centric which enables monitoring progress regularly and giving weekly deliverables using our agile sprints having iterative cycles of design, build, review and test.

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